Dreams of Better Life for the World and My Home,
      Paraguay and South America...
      by Kevin Cho
CommApp ID: kkevincho99@gmail.com      
School: Colegio Anglo Americano Paraguay, Paraguay      
Studying Economics would enable me not only to envision my views on global economics and business in the world but also further the economics of Paraguayan society. I envision Paraguay as an economically powerful nation that can modernize in the shortest time possible. I would like to contribute to the welfare of Paraguay by becoming an influential business leader and share the wealth with the people in need. Paraguay needs to enter the global economy and business to develop relations to trade our valuable resources with what we need with a host of nations such as the United States and other economically powerful nations.

I realize that to accomplish these goals, it is important to experience the best possible education in the world, and is one reason I am interested in becoming educated in the United States. The colleges in the US provide a highly diverse environment conducive to developing an awareness of other cultures and traditions. Many influential world business leaders have been educated in the United States. I believe that majoring in Economics with Business emphasis will help me to develop the necessary skills to become a global business leader in Paraguay as well as in South America.